Recovery Mondays With Angie #55: You Don't Have to Do This Alone and Here Is Why


The path toward true, authentic and meaningful change is learning how to be still and connect with the wisest part of yourself.

It’s a slow beginning. We string together a few minutes, hours and then days. There are setbacks and slips. It's completely normal.

It’s part of the PROCESS. Part of awakening and part of HEALING. Healing and recovering isn't about changing who you are. It's about changing your relationship to who you are.

This process doesn't have to be lonely. That's why I created REAL + RECOVERED, a membership program to help you gain momentum in your recovery. To share with you everything that worked for me and the hundreds of clients I’ve treated who’ve recovered. To get real, vulnerable and honest. To unite and rise together. To embrace and embody our truth, our passion, and our courage.

Our tribe is growing each week and to me, that's even more proof that we're all in this together, a tribe of brave souls on a journey to healing and self-love.

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