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Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Do you find yourself being overly critical of your body? 

Are you Sick and tired of fighting food, your body and yourself?

I've been there. I get it and I'm here to help. 

You can heal your relationship with food and yourself so you can focus on the things that truly set your soul on fire.

My heart is heavy. So many people, too many people are suffering from eating disorders. It’s a lonely, scary place to live. I remember.

There were times when I wanted to pull my hair out because I was lost in a never-ending cycle of eating disorder behaviors. Just when I’d make progress in one area, I’d get worse in another. The whole thing felt like an unending nightmare. I denied to those closest to me how much I was struggling. "I'm fine! Seriously, I'm fine."

Recovery from an eating disorder is HARD. No one wants to tell you this, but here’s the reality:

Healing hurts. There’s no escaping it.

On top of that, it seems like no one gets what you're going through, and, let’s be honest, if they haven’t had an eating disorder, they don’t get it.

I remember how frustrated I felt as I repeatedly tried (and often failed) to recover on my own. I can't even tell you how many times I gave up, buying into the belief I wasn't ever going to be able to fully recover. I felt broken and hopeless.

I got stuck thinking that “tomorrow would be the day” when I let go of ALL the behaviors that kept me trapped. Well, GUESS WHAT, it doesn’t work that way.

angie viets mirjam mainland real + recovered

When we grow, transform, and heal it’s not meant to look sterile and clean (aka, perfect). It’s supposed to be MESSY and UNCOMFORTABLE. I wish I would've known that. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so quick to give up on myself. Maybe I wouldn’t have been sick for so long.

Recovery doesn’t have to be lonely. That's why I created REAL + RECOVERED. To help you gain momentum in your recovery. To share with you everything that worked for me and the hundreds of clients I’ve treated who’ve recovered. To get real, vulnerable and honest. To unite and rise together. To embrace and embody our truth, our passion, and our courage.

The path toward true, authentic and meaningful change is learning how to be still and connect with the wisest part of yourself.

It’s a slow beginning. We string together a few minutes, hours and then days. There are setbacks and slips. It's completely normal. It’s part of the PROCESS. Part of awakening and HEALING.  

Healing isn't about changing who you are. It's about changing your relationship to who you are. An essential part of that is honoring how you feel.

REAl + RECOVERED is a monthly membership program where you’ll receive exclusive RESOURCES TO HELP YOU RECOVER AND IGNITE YOUR SOUL! 

It takes courage to face self-limiting beliefs head on, especially the ones that are so deeply ingrained within each fiber of our lives.

The truth is, deep down you know your life is not supposed to be like this, filled with anxiety over food, self-imposed rules on what, how, and when to eat, and the number on the scale dominating your life.

REAL + RECOVERED is about making a commitment to soften and get curious, so you can heal the unhealthy patterns that keep you stuck.

It's about setting and honoring your own boundaries. 

It's about learning to believe that you are deserving and worthy in your imperfection. 

Choose to expand. Choose to push through the discomfort in order to fully show up for yourself. 

You deserve a full, brave, and beautiful life. 

angie viets mirjam mainland

"I realized that there's a lack of resources out there that are Fresh and creative and a desperate need for visually appealing and soul-stirring tools to inspire recovery and success. REAL + RECOVERED is the solution to that need and helps members reconnect with their soul and unlock the door to a fully recovered life."

angie viets mirjam mainland


“The tools, messages, and insights Real + Recovered provides are invaluable in my work with clients with eating disorders. Each month I look forward to a fresh perspective and guidance from a top expert in the field!" - Amy Farrow Smith, LMLP -Liz



  • Despite your best efforts you can’t seem to ditch the eating disorder

  • You're ready to fully accept and embrace yourself and let go of believing that your weight equals your worth

  • You are frustrated with waiting for your life to happen once you hit a certain weight or jean size

  • If you have a treatment team, you get super pumped after sessions to make big changes, yet can’t sustain them

  • You need more support, more guidance, and loads of encouragement (who doesn't?!)

  • You’re sick & tired of being trapped by an eating disorder

  • You go back and forth between wanting to recover and feeling like it's hopeless

  • You’re ready to do the work and commit to the raw, messy, and imperfect process of change

  • You can't wait to see some progress on your journey to healthier self-esteem and self-love

  • You need a guide. Someone who can shine a light and help you find your way back home to yourself✨

angie viets mirjam mainland Real + Recovered
Real + Recovered Membership for Eating Disorder Recovery

Together we can do hard things. I know in my heart you can claim the title RECOVERED. It’s never too late or too early to begin.

REAL + RECOVERED'S mission is to help you let go of the eating disorder and illuminate your life.

Real + Recovered Angie Viets Mirjam Mainland

If some part of you whispers a gentle "YES" or screams "HELL YA" then I'd be honored to share with you my favorite practices to encourage you to heal from the inside out and ignite your soul.

You don't have to do this alone!


PS: Recovered is real. I promise.

angie viets mirjam mainland real + recovered


real + recovered mirjam mainland angie viets



real + recovered mirjam mainland angie viets



real + recovered mirjam mainland angie viets



real + recovered mirjam mainland angie viets

Soul Sessions


Each month you'll have a new recovery bundle sent right to your email. 

I’m going to be real with you. There’s no shortcut, no simple recovery recipe. There is hope and a whole hell of a lot of science behind what works and what doesn’t. Science is fine, but glitter is fun. Maybe your recovery bundle will include both. :-)

angie viets mirjam mainland
Real+Recovered Mirjam Mainland Angie Viets


  • Self-Love & Self-Care

  • Self-Compassion

  • Effective Coping Skills

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Body Image

  • Work & School

  • Nutrition

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Relationships

  • Yoga

  • Empowerment

  • Creativity

  • And many others...

Real + Recovered Membership

Join Real + Recovered

Monthly Plan

Annual Plan

Real + Recovered membership
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  • Uncover profound insights about what's holding you back in life, and how small shifts will make a BIG difference?

  • Learn how to channel wisdom from your inner self for guidance whenever you need it?

  • Connect with your authentic Self (AKA the REAL you) and live more?


  • Find YOUR VOICE?

  • Stop letting perfectionism hold you back?


  • be confident?

  • Learn how to practice self-compassion, a key element to change and transformation?

  • Cultivate body acceptance, self-love and, overall, feeling radiant in your body?

  • Get to the root causes of your issues around food and body image, as well as how those issues can be healed?

angie viets mirjam mainland real + recovered


Have a different question? Simply email info@angieviets.com with your question, and my team and I will be happy to answer it for you.

Is REAL + RECOVERED a substitute for professional treatment?

REAL + RECOVERED is designed as a supportive self-help tool. Real + Recovered is intended to be used as an adjunct to psychotherapy, not as a replacement. I strongly advise those struggling with eating disorders to seek out professional help. In addition, REAL + RECOVERED is ideal for those who've completed treatment and are in recovery, yet want to stay mindful and focused on strategies to maintain their recovery. 

Is REAL + RECOVERED for a specific age group?

No. REAL + RECOVERED is designed for women and men in various stages of their lives and self-love journeys.

What kind of topics will REAL + RECOVERED cover?

Monthly topics will include exploring and nurturing self-love and self-care, setting healthy boundaries, nutrition, using healthier coping skills, relationships, female empowerment, creativity, body image, mindfulness, work, meditation, yoga, and many others. 

Can I still sign up for REAL + RECOVERED if I've been in recovery for many years?

Absolutely! It doesn't matter if you just started the recovery process or have been in recovery for many years. REAL + RECOVERED continues beyond recovery and helps you heal your relationship with food, your body, and your mind so you can build a solid foundation to reconnect with your authentic self and transform your life.

I am a therapist or dietitian who just started working with clients with eating disorders. Can I use REAL + RECOVERED? 

Yes! REAL + RECOVERED provides tips and tools that can strengthen and enhance your practice.

When does the Membership program start?

You can begin at any time. Enrollment is ongoing, so there is no deadline or specified “term” for you to enroll.

Is the Membership program all online?

Yes, all of the material is 100% online and can be taken from anywhere in the world.

When do you get the monthly course material?

Every month will have its own topic and lesson. The soulful materials corresponding with those lessons will be sent to you on the first day of each month. You get to keep the materials forever and have access to the videos & trainings for as long as you want. 

How much time commitment is needed?

I understand that life is busy. Work, parenting, college... that's why REAL + RECOVERED is a DIY membership program. You can do it at your own pace and you decide how much time you put into it. 

angie viets mirjam mainland