Sick Of The Summer Diet Convos? Here's How You Can Shoot Them Down


Sick Of The Summer Diet Convos? Here's How You Can Shoot Them Down

Colleen Werner

Summer is finally here, and with the warm weather and longer days comes beach trips, ice cream, barbecues...and those pesky diet conversations.  

Diet culture is the part of our society that focuses on weight and size instead of true health, happiness, and wellbeing. While diet culture is often overt with “lose weight quick” schemes, it sometimes is more insidious with so-called “lifestyle changes.” Diet culture is the opposite of true health because instead of focusing on mind, body, and soul, it focuses solely on numbers and shame.

While diet culture is dangerous for EVERYONE in society, it is especially dangerous for individuals who are recovering from eating disorders. Here are three ways to shoot down those destructive summer diet conversations:

1. “Isn’t there something more interesting that we could talk about?”

Time to get real. Diets are BORING. There is an infinite number of conversation topics that are far less damaging and far more interesting. The next time someone brings up their diet, remind them how diets are the least interesting thing to talk about, and instead bring up something like your favorite TV show or that killer new artist you found on Spotify.

2. “But, like, have you ever had pizza?”

While diets are unhealthy and dangerous due to their countless physical effects, they also deprive you of the simple joys of things like pizza. Instead of dieting, truly listen to your body, drop the restrictions, and eat the things you want and crave.

3. “OMG, is that a dog?!”

This one is easy. Puppies beat diets every time. Instead of letting mind-numbing, diet-culture, fueled conversations get you down, go play with a cuddly puppy. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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Colleen Werner is a writer, dancer, and future therapist from Long Island, NY. She’s studying Psychology at SUNY Old Westbury and plans on going to graduate school for Mental Health Counseling. She aspires to start an eating disorder treatment program for dancers. Colleen’s experiences in recovery from an eating disorder and anxiety disorder have inspired her to share her story in an effort to help others, end the stigma, and create a sense of community. She is a National Ambassador for Project HEAL, a Campus Editor-at-Large for HuffPost, and a contributor for HerCampus and The Mighty. Colleen’s Instagram, @leenahlovesherself, inspires thousands every day with her posts about authenticity and mental health.