20 Simple Ways to Be Mindful All Day


20 Simple Ways to Be Mindful All Day

Mirjam Mainland, MS

All too often, we think and believe that being more mindful means doing yoga, practicing meditation or sitting in a room with nothing but our own presence. Sure, those are great things to do, but there are plenty of other (simpler) things that you can easily integrate into your daily life (so no more excuses).

So what the heck does it mean to be mindful then?

Mindfulness is simply a shift in the way you’re paying attention to your life. Instead of doing everything on auto-pilot, you choose to be fully present and let each moment of your life unfold naturally.

All you have to do is allowing yourself to become more deeply aware of all that you are sensing. To pay attention without trying to change anything. To let go of judgment. To simply just be.

Here are some activities that are fun, quick, meaningful and super easy to do.

  1. Stretch first thing in the morning

  2. Give a loved one a long hug

  3. Eat your breakfast slowly and mindfully

  4. Journal

  5. Tell someone you love why you love them

  6. Feel the warmth of the water as you shower

  7. Breathe in the fresh air as you leave the house in the morning

  8. Feel the sunshine on your skin

  9. Send a thoughtful message to someone you care about

  10. Listen to music

  11. Read

  12. Breathe deeply

  13. Turn off your phone

  14. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for

  15. Meditate

  16. Acknowledge something you appreciate about yourself

  17. Go for a short walk

  18. Laugh

  19. Play

  20. Watch the sunset

Through mindfulness and being present, each moment of your day, even the simplest and smallest acts, can become opportunities for awakening.

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