I Saw You! #NEDA2016

I saw you. 

I saw all of you.  

I saw your loneliness, your courage, and your hungry hearts.  I saw your hope, your defeat, and your worry.  I saw the way you questioned whether recovery is something you can hold onto.  I saw you.  

NEDA created a sacred space for us to be together.  A blending of healers, survivors, and those struggling with eating disorders and their families.  You did not suffer in silence — we were united, and you were witnessed.  

My hope is that you felt us.  I hope you felt all of those around you that have fought unbearable battles with our own eating disorders.  I hope you felt that we’re still fighting eating disorders, just not our own — we are fighting for you!  We are your advocates, cheerleaders, clinicians, authors, and researchers.  We are showing up for you.  Did you feel us?  

Although I collected continuing education credits needed for my clinical license, I collected far more stories, and shed far more tears.  Stories of parents with incredible strength and devotion to their children and stories of individuals who reside all across the spectrum - some bound to their eating disorder, others symptom free, and those who are recovered.  

I will hold the collection of your stories in my heart.  I will remember you.  I will send you loving energy in your recovery as we part ways.  But, I’m asking for something in return - I’m asking that you hold our hope for you in your heart.  That you remember us, those of us who are showing up for you.  We show up for you because you matter that much.  We show up because we see you!

Safe travels home sweet souls.  

Love + Light, 


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