Angie's Recovery Tip Bonus: Setting Goals With Soul

How often have you set goals that did nothing but drain you and kept you stuck in a self-critical space of striving and judging yourself for not moving forward (fast) enough?

I had the privilege of interviewing Danielle LaPorte about her new book, White Hot Truth. In this special bonus video, I'm discussing the life-changing work of Danielle and I highly recommend pre-ordering her book (link below). 

I'm talking about the value of setting goals with soul and aligning them with your soul's purpose so they can really support growth. 

Recovery is really about connecting with your soul and recognizing that you are your own guru and guide and that all the answers you are looking for are already inside you. 

Recommended Reading:
- Danielle Laporte's new book, White Hot Truth.

Pre-Order now and get the audio version of the book for FREE

- Danielle LaPorte's book, The Fire Starter Sessions

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