about angie viets

When I was stuck in my eating disorder I struggled to find resources or treatment providers that really seemed to ‘get’ what I was going through.

I felt like Goldilocks - everything was too much of this, or not enough of that.

I was desperate to get help - but nothing fit!

An avid reader since birth, I had a stack of self-help books towering around me. They fit into two categories: Super clinical books, written by excellent researchers. (They bored me to tears & were shelved halfway through). Or, books written by people in recovery. I found this type of book relatable, but often the story highlighted their illness, including lots of triggering details, (which my eating disorder loved!) and then magically they recovered...but how?


I deeply desired a different kind of story.  

A story that blended the clinical information in a way that wasn't too stuffy, & demystified what it truly takes to recover.  I've been there, and can fully relate to the despair you feel when in the throes of an eating disorder.  

So here I am...

I'm offering you my story along with tried and true practices that I've woven together to help the clients in my psychotherapy practice recover. I hope it feels 'just right.'