Angie as your speaker


Who is Angie?

Angie Viets is a writer, speaker and Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist in private practice in Lawrence, KS.

As an eating disorders specialist she has dedicated her career to helping her clients recover. Her passion for the field was born out of her own recovery. She believes whole-heartedly that full recovery is possible and feels privileged to share in the process of mending the lives of those who suffer from this illness.

She has spoken at the University of Kansas and for women's professional development groups.

Angie is also a recognized writer for The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, The Monte Nido & Affiliates, Oliver Pyatt, Clementine Program. She is writing her first book - offering inspiration and hope to those suffering in silence.

Angie Viets is genuine, funny, and moving. Hearing her speak of her personal transformation and her profound commitment to serve others is a powerful experience. Angie’s fresh vulnerability creates an authentic, open environment for education and personal growth.
— Jay Pryor Author, Speaker, Coach
Angie is a beautiful soul. Her inspiration and true dedication to helping others through her own story will truly captivate and carry you forward in your own journey.
— Kendra Kuhlman & Amy Carrillo
Angie’s ease and grace captivates her audience from the start. Her vulnerability touches your soul. She speaks with beauty and truth.
— Judy Brynds with the Judy Brynds Group